Card Usage

  1. Take your rewards card to a participating retailer that accepts the card that you have (Discover, MasterCard or Visa).

  2. If the total purchase is more than the current available balance on you card, pay the difference first, via another form of payment (for example cash, check, etc).

  3. Note: The cashier will not know your card balance.  For the transaction to be successful you must tell the cashier your current card balance for authorization.  Purchases that exceed your card balance will be declined.

  4. Inform the cashier that the card is to be processed as a credit.

  5. Do not use your card at an ATM machine, Gas Pump or over the internet, because it will not work.  To use this card at a gas station, you must provide your card to the cashier for processing, up to the value remaining on your card.

  6. Here is an example: If the total purchase is $10.50 and your available card balance is $5.00, pay $5.50 first and then swipe the card as a credit.

  7. Your card is valid until the balance is completely used or up to the expiration date, whichever comes first.

  8. For further assistance, please email

Returns and Refunds

If you return your merchandise or receive a credit on your rewards card, please note that it may take up to 7 business days for the funds to become available on your card.

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